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Electric forklift manufacturers tell: the story about the world's first forklift!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-26
Since its inception, China's forklift industry has a history of decades of development, and has made tremendous progress. The sales, service, and quality of forklifts have been continuously improved, and the entire forklift market is also expanding! So, those of you who know forklifts, those who work in the forklift industry, and those who want to buy forklifts, do you know the story of the world's first lithium pallet truck? Electric forklift manufacturers tell you: the ins and outs of the world's first forklift! Strictly speaking, the world’s first forklift, an industrial vehicle with functions such as transportation, loading and unloading, handling, lifting, forks, etc., was installed in 1924 by the American CLARK company on the basis of the Duat tractor. The rack and lifting chain device can lift 1,000 pounds of goods. From then on, the world's first internal combustion-powered forklift was born accidentally, and changed the way humans load and unload goods. Time went to 1928, CLARK developed and produced Tructier on the basis of the old product Truclift. This product of Tructier was the world's first internal combustion powered lithium pallet truck that used hydraulic devices instead of mechanical chain devices to lift the load. , The weight of lifting goods can be greatly increased. In 1938, CLARK company developed the world’s first small-tonnage internal combustion forklift-Carloader with a modern prototype. This product has a much shorter body length than previous products, beautiful appearance, reasonable and compact internal structure, and simple operation. Since the mass production of this product, it has become very popular in the market, and its supply is in short supply. For a time, it was imitated by many other forklift manufacturers. The Carloader product was so popular that it was not produced until 1964. However, we can clearly see that almost 80 years have passed since 1938, and there have been almost no major changes in counterbalanced internal combustion forklifts, whether it is appearance, structure, working principle, operation mode, or 80 years ago. The products of Chinese and foreign manufacturers are the same. What are the reasons? Worth pondering.
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