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Electric forklift prices have entered a critical period of rising

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-01
China's construction machinery industry has been declining for many years, and the severe winter has caused the entire industry to suffer. The high and difficult production capacity has encountered a phased reduction in construction scale, which undoubtedly makes the industry worse. At the same time, adjusting the economic structure and promoting transformation and upgrading are still the unswerving direction of the Chinese government. Looking at the current market situation dialectically, it is not difficult to discover the deep-seated scenery of 'the cold river, the snow, the willows, and the new sunshine, the jade trees and the viburnum blooming in spring'. Based on the industry situation and policy orientation, it is not difficult to find higher-quality, better-emission construction equipment, which will be promoted by rigid demand to become the new darling of the market. The rigid demand of the market and the reference elements for customers to purchase equipment are always highly unified. Now, major construction machinery manufacturers are racking their brains to understand the needs of customers. Due to the long Ru0026D cycle and high cost investment, a device cannot be missed from design to production. Once it is sold, there will be no return. Therefore, the purchase preference of customers has become a key factor affecting the survival and development of manufacturers. The front end of the equipment design will fully consider customer needs. The improvement of industry standards is both a challenge and an opportunity for enterprises. Seeing that there are only a dozen days left before the 'end of lifeIt is reported that the full range of products under the 'Tai Lifu' brand that meet the National III emission standards will soon be unveiled, and promotional activities sweeping the country are underway. In order to give back to the new and old customers, Tianli Group has carried out sales promotion for Telifor forklift National III emission vehicles in Fengtai, Daxing, Shunyi, Pinggu and Tongzhou areas in Beijing, rushing to purchase equipment before the price of forklifts rises. Overview of the construction machinery industry in 2015 According to statistics from January to December 2015, the export delivery value of the construction machinery industry was 28.846 billion yuan, a cumulative year-on-year growth rate of negative 19.53%, and the cumulative year-on-year growth rate of product output in the construction machinery industry was all negative growth. In December 2015, the export delivery value of the construction machinery industry was 3.158 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 22.62% and a month-on-month increase of 55.19%. The output growth rate of the main products of the construction machinery industry showed different trends: from a month-on-month perspective, the year-on-year growth rates of its sub-sectors were all positive growth. Among them, the excavation and shovel transportation machinery showed double-digit positive growth, and the construction machinery market is beginning to pick up. Construction machinery industry may rebound In 2016, the construction machinery industry is about to rebound, especially driven by relevant national policies. Policies and measures such as the “Belt and Road”, national infrastructure construction, and international capacity cooperation will greatly promote the development of the construction machinery industry. Construction machinery Internet+ is also actively promoting, and intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things, and cross-border e-commerce platforms are developing rapidly. Major construction machinery companies are seeking transformation and upgrading in the process of exploration, and they have achieved initial results: For example, XCMG's profit in 2015 increased by 7.7% year-on-year; China National Machinery Industry Corporation's total profit was 8.31 billion yuan, an increase of 47.9 year-on-year; Caterpillar Zhongda tapped the Chinese market Regained the No. 1 position again; Japan Construction Machinery increased slightly in the first half of the year, and its parts and components increased significantly by 11%; Wazhou's overseas revenue increased by 27.6% in 2015, and so on. At present, construction machinery enterprises are undergoing a critical period of transformation and upgrading and are facing severe tests. With the support of national policies and the joint efforts of enterprises, the industry is about to bottom out in 2016. The aftermarket drives a rebound in the construction machinery industry Experts believe that the aftermarket for construction machinery will be an important part of the rebound in the construction machinery industry. Under the current industry situation, the downstream industry chain is undergoing tremendous changes. In the past, most of the construction machinery was in the hands of self-employed individuals. In the future, small self-employed individuals will gradually exit with market adjustments, and leasing companies will grow rapidly at a rate of 20%. Construction machinery has entered the post-market era. The construction machinery aftermarket revolves around the five major sectors of construction machinery repair and maintenance, accessories, leasing, second mobile phones and remanufacturing. Given the large stock of equipment in the current market, there is also a large demand for aftermarket services. Deeply cultivating the aftermarket can improve the profit model of enterprises. We need to use construction machinery leasing as the engine to drive other service sectors in the aftermarket.
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