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Electric forklift purchase skills, don’t regret knowing it too late

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-12
In industrial production, it is often necessary to transport and stack a large amount of goods. It is difficult to improve work efficiency only through manual labor. With the continuous development of industrial production and technology, various mechanical equipment, including electric pallet truck products, are used for loading, unloading and storage of goods. . Electric forklifts are favored by many companies for their obvious advantages such as low carbon, environmental protection, high efficiency, and low operating costs. 1. The battery forklift manufacturer and the sales company are in different price positions. Generally, the price of the manufacturer is lower than that of the sales company. On the other hand, even if it is a manufacturer, experimental production and large-scale production will cause the price to be high and low. Only when the production volume is large, the production cost drops. The selling price can really come down. 2. Charging time of battery forklift    Many manufacturers say that the charging time is 2-8 hours in online sales. It refers to intermittent work. Some electric forklifts will not exceed 1 hour if they work continuously. Generally, the continuous use time of a forklift is 6 hours with one charge, so the company must take the use time into consideration when ordering a forklift. Otherwise it will be inefficient. 3. design    Even if it is the same product, the design ideas of different manufacturers are not completely the same, such as electric stand counterbalanced forklifts. Generally, manufacturers simply do not have a design that tilts the front 3 degrees and the back 6 degrees. As the electric stacker is dangerous in operation, improper operation can easily cause the cargo to roll, fall and cause injury to the operator. Then companies that order forklifts must consider the safety of the forklifts you buy. Can not simply consider the price is cheap. 4. Delivery time of electric forklifts Compared with the delivery date, many manufacturers are not specialized in producing electric forklifts. They will purchase accessories when they receive an order, so the delivery time is generally longer. In any case, the products produced are not as good as professional manufacturers. The appearance, quality, safety, human nature of the product, and the service life are quite different. Especially the service life issue, if the purchased electric pallet truck has a short service life, it is easy to cause waste.
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