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Electric forklift: the most common major problems in the maintenance of manual pallet trucks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-14
Hand pallet trucks are common in supermarkets, shopping malls and other industrial vehicles with small working gaps, more pedestrians, and convenient and simple operation. Hand pallet trucks are widely used because of their flexibility and lightness. Regardless of the small size of the hand pallet truck, its maintenance should not be taken lightly. If the maintenance is good, the hand pallet truck can be used for 2-3 years, which greatly reduces the cost of the company. Not for it, come and take a look. The inspection of manual pallet trucks minimizes wear as much as possible. Special attention should be paid to the control of wheels, axles, forks, lifting and lowering. Proper maintenance of the truck will extend the service life of the truck. The maintenance is mainly to check the oil, exhaust air and lubricate. Whenever the work is completed, the fork should be empty and lowered to the lowest position. It is best to check the oil level every six months. The newly injected oil into the rubber container should be 5mm below the liquid level, and the cargo must be at the lowest position when adding oil. To replace the seal, air may enter the hydraulic system, place the joystick in the lowest position, and then swing the handle a dozen times. Use motor oil or lubricating oil to lubricate the moving parts. In the use of manual pallet trucks, you should also pay attention at all times: do not overload; understand whether the ground conditions are allowed to use; use the correct lifting technology to assemble the machine; load goods correctly, etc., these common problems should be prevented, and pay attention to your own Whether the operation conforms to the specification. The manual pallet truck is one of the fastest-growing products in the field of industrial vehicles. It is the most common type of storage equipment in the pallet truck. It is low in price, simple in operation, accurate in positioning, and can reduce a lot of labor cost and waste. Convenient industrial vehicles that reduce labor intensity, usually pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, so that your manual pallet truck will last longer.
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