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Electric forklift: The tilt cylinder of the forklift is broken? What overhaul should we do?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-06
Now that it is talking about tilting cylinders, electric pallet truck manufacturers first come to popular science to install the tilting cylinders for forklifts! The tilt cylinder is composed of main parts such as piston, cylinder body, piston rod, upper cover, lower cover, compression nut and cover nut. The tilt cylinder has two oil holes that can be interchanged as oil inlet and discharge holes. The piston divides the cylinder into a front cavity and a rear cavity. The back cavity is filled with high pressure oil when tilting forward, and the front cavity is filled with high pressure oil when tilting backward. The tilt cylinder of the forklift is an important tool to protect the stability of the forklift. The front and rear tilt of the mast is mainly completed by the tilt cylinder. The tilt cylinder is one of the important components of the forklift. The tilt cylinder can easily lead to dangerous oil leakage accidents, and its maintenance work should not be underestimated. Here are the tips for repairing the tilt cylinder of an electric pallet truck. Take it, thank you! Disassembly of the tilt cylinder: Remove the oil pipe joint, unscrew the tilt cylinder pin screw, pull out the pin, and remove the cylinder from the car. Fix the tilt cylinder on the vise, unscrew the screw, take out the gland, and remove the elastic retaining ring; pull the piston rod and accessories out of the cylinder through the earring. Pull out the split pin, screw on the nut, remove the gasket, Yx-shaped seal ring, support ring, piston, guide sleeve, O-shaped seal ring, etc. Disassemble the anti-return washer, loosen the nut, and unscrew the earring. Maintenance of main parts: Cylinder block, piston rod and piston, their damage forms, maintenance methods and requirements are basically the same as those for lifting cylinders. The difference is that the fit clearance between the cylinder and the piston is 0.10~0.15mm, and the use limit is not more than 0.2mm. Otherwise, the piston should be replaced, and the oil cylinder should be replaced. The matching clearance between the pin sleeve and the pin at both ends of the tilting cylinder is 0.08~0.1mm, not more than 0.5mm. Otherwise, the pin sleeve should be replaced. Reassembly and adjustment: Reassembly and reassembly should be carried out in the reverse order of disassembly, and the precautions are the same as those of the lifting cylinder. When checking and adjusting the forward and backward inclination angles of the mast, the forklift is fully loaded and the mast is vertical; raise the fork to a height of 500mm above the ground, close the reversing valve, place the quadrant on the cut surface of the inner mast, and record the angle reading. After that, flip the reversing valve and tilt the joystick to make the front tilt into place. The angle change value is the forward tilt angle, which is generally 6°. Then move the joystick in the opposite direction to tilt it into place. The angle change value relative to the vertical position of the mast is the backward inclination angle, which is generally 12°. If the inclination angle is too large or too small, it can be adjusted by turning the earring on the head of the piston rod, then fix it with a nut and lock it with a non-return washer.
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