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Electric forklift: What are the precautions for the operation of fuel forklift in winter?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-05
It's late winter. Don't forget to keep the internal combustion forklift warm while adding more clothes. What matters should be paid attention to during the operation of internal combustion forklifts in winter? Taking care of them can increase the life of internal combustion forklifts and reduce the maintenance cost of internal combustion forklifts. manufacturers tell you: precautions for the operation of internal combustion forklifts in winter! 1. Warm up the internal combustion forklift in winter. When the internal combustion forklift is operating, before the hydraulic system oil becomes hot, do not rush to operate the hydraulic system, so as not to damage the hydraulic system components, and in serious cases, an accident of pump explosion may occur. After starting, the forklift must control the vehicle speed, maintain the distance between vehicles, and avoid emergency braking. The braking interval in severe cold season is about 2 times longer than usual. It is forbidden to turn sharply to reduce the impact force when turning to prevent the rigid structure from breaking. Second, do a good job in seasonal maintenance of equipment. Check the freezing point of the antifreeze to make it 5°C lower than the local minimum temperature; make the thermostat open temperature around 82°C; increase the density of the battery electrolyte to 1.280g/cm3; adjust the oil used in all parts of the machine in time for equipment working in the field It is necessary to install heat preservation measures, install engine oil preheating device when necessary, and start the engine regularly to preheat the working systems of various parts. b After starting the engine normally, there must be enough warm-up time to run it at low speed and light load until the oil in the engine, transmission, hydraulic system and final drive becomes hot. When the equipment is working, operate the bucket, shovel blade and various devices slowly, and prohibit high-throttle impact, scraping, shoveling and pushing, etc., and the emphasis is on'stable' and'slow'. Winter is the season with a high incidence of accidents, accounting for about 80% of the total accidents throughout the year, while the number of accidents caused by operating errors in winter is more than 65%. If the temperature is lower than -15℃, the engine cannot work immediately after starting, but the engine should be operated at 1000-1100r/min for 10-15min, and the transmission is in neutral. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the rigid connection of the forklift machine and the main load-bearing parts. The electric pallet truck manufacturer wishes you a pleasant winter journey with your internal combustion forklift!
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