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Electric forklifts create stable and efficient logistics and build food safety defense lines

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-11
As the saying goes, people take food as their top priority. Nowadays, due to the continuous improvement of people's living standards and consumption levels, more and more attention is paid to the quality and safety of food. How to eat healthily, eat safely, eat with confidence, and eat with confidence has become a topic that everyone mentions on the tip of the tongue. Food safety is a systematic project. In this supply chain surrounding food safety, logistics is a very important part. In the process of production and circulation, food needs to go through processing, packaging, storage, loading and unloading, transportation, and distribution. The green and pollution-free of each link is the basis of food safety; secondly, because food has the best shelf life such as fresh-life and shelf-life, Efficient logistics handling is also extremely important; in addition, some special food categories, such as bottled food and fragile food, have extremely high requirements for the stability and safety of the logistics link. In food production enterprises, electric forklifts can be seen everywhere from the loading and unloading of food raw materials to storage and handling. Therefore, the quality of electric forklifts will directly affect the production efficiency and food safety of the enterprise. As the world's leading supplier of material handling solutions, it actively advocates and vigorously develops green and efficient electric forklifts for better application in industries that require high environmental protection, efficiency and safety, such as food. Just like the SW series 1.5-3.5 ton electric forklifts, it can not only meet the needs of the food industry for horizontal handling, cargo handling, warehouse stacking and other different material handling needs, but also has many unique technical advantages. SW series 1.5-3.5 ton electric forklifts are equipped with imported brand high-power AC motors, and matched with imported brand controllers specially designed for high-efficiency electric forklifts, so that the lifting and lowering speed of the forklift's mast can reach faster and more precise, and have more High driving speed, acceleration and climbing ability. The dual-pedal system is adopted for driving operation, and the forklift can be moved forward and backward easily without shifting gears. The humanized design effectively improves the working environment of the personnel, greatly improves the operating comfort, effectively reduces work fatigue, and can significantly improve the work efficiency, which is widely praised in the industry. Pay attention to the food and packaging intact during food handling. SW series electric forklifts are equipped with a centralized control lever. The control system can automatically change the speed according to the signal of the control lever, and can accurately control the action speed. The small-diameter spindle-type steering wheel and foot brake parking brake are adopted, which is more labor-saving and convenient to operate. The optional pneumatic tires of the forklift have a better cushioning effect on uneven roads and can effectively avoid bumps during transportation. The forklift cab is equipped with a wide-screen multi-function display instrument, which can display the speed, power, time, use time and other data of the forklift in real time, which is convenient for the operator to control the usage of the forklift; the operator can do it in time according to the changes in the data Make adjustments to ensure the stability of the handling process. my country's food industry has gradually established an industry standard of 'food safety first'. The food logistics industry needs to pay more attention to the improvement and upgrading of equipment in all aspects of food circulation, and to equip with handling equipment that is more suitable for performance and working conditions, in order to build a good food safety environment and better achieve sustainable development.
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