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Electric forklifts decode happiness and easily handle logistics company operations

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-18
Usually, in our impression, the former porters belonged to the bottom laborers of pure physical strength. With the development of society, our cognition has also shifted. It should be said that porters today are the happiest workers.   39-year-old Zhang has been a porter in the logistics industry for more than ten years. From the initial hard work to the present, sitting in a forklift, you can easily move goods, Lao Zhang feels that the current porters do not know how many times the labor is saved compared to the previous work.  During the daily handling work, when two trucks came to the logistics port where Lao Zhang was responsible, they saw that one truck was an assembled motorcycle, and the other truck was equipped with gears. In the past, all the porters would be dispatched, and they would not be able to move from the busy morning to dark.   But it's different now. Because of the forklift, this electric pallet truck can easily fork several assembled motorcycles, and only four people can move a motorcycle. And this small gear, regardless of its small size, it takes a lot of effort to move a few of them together. In the past, all people had to rely on physical strength. After all, people's physical strength was limited. Nowadays, with a forklift, it can be easily done in two or three strokes, which not only improves work efficiency, but also saves time.  No, the logistics company where Lao Li works has introduced a batch of electric forklifts from Anhui Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This time Lao Li is even more happy! It is said that you can easily buy them from our company's official website. Compared with previous internal combustion engine forklifts, this electric forklift has many unique advantages.   First of all, for Lao Li, the operating intensity of this electric forklift is much easier than that of previous internal combustion engine forklifts. Looking at his old arms and legs, he really loves this electric forklift.  Secondly, this electric pallet truck is operated with low noise, and the working environment is much quieter than before. It is said that people love to be quiet when they are old, especially when they are working, they need a quiet environment to work quietly and safely.   Finally, I have to say that this electric forklift is a pollution-free and environmentally friendly tool. In the past, Lao Li felt that he was very happy to be liberated from labor, but now that he has seen this electric forklift, Lao Li feels that he is happier; when he used the internal combustion engine to work, because the machine had been used for some years, the oily smoke rose , It is simply choking. Now the electric forklift is getting better, and Lao Li often coughs due to lungs, and at the same time, he has taken care of himself, even this disease has been alleviated.   Now, Lao Li thinks this electric forklift is good. Not only has the work efficiency been improved, but the working environment has also been greatly improved. What's even more gratifying is that not only did I get a salary, but I also learned the technique of forklift trucks.   Hey, I used to be busy until wee hours, but now I have finished working early. In his spare time, he can chat and drink tea with other workers. Old Li thinks this is the happiest life.
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