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Electric hydraulic forklift management system sharing

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-04
1. Purpose: Strengthen the management of electric forklifts, achieve reasonable utilization, avoid illegal operations, and achieve safe and effective driving. 2. Scope of application: all electric forklifts and forklift drivers in the storage department. 3. Content: 1. The forklift must be operated in accordance with the 'Forklift Operation Regulations' in the working area. 2. Forklift drivers must be trained by the labor department and obtain a forklift operation certificate before they can work. Unlicensed personnel are strictly prohibited from driving forklifts. 3. Before each operation, check whether the turn signal, brake horn, headlight and reflector are intact; whether the fork is bent, damaged or cracked. 4. The forklift should slow down and honk at the entrance of the forklift. Attention should be paid to the height of the structure, and it is not allowed to blindly drive in or out. When driving, you must concentrate and not be indifferent. 5. When driving, the fork should be 200-300mm away from the ground. It is not allowed to raise or lower the cargo during the movement, and it is not allowed to brake or turn at high speed. 6. When the forklift is lifting the fork, there must be no people within 2 meters around it, and the forklift must not transport people. 7. Do not transport loose goods to avoid tipping over, and fix them firmly before transporting. 8. It is strictly forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol, and you shall bear all the consequences at your own risk. Once the supervisor found out, he was fined 100 yuan once and was transferred from the forklift post for the second time. 9. According to the forklift management regulations, the driver shall perform regular maintenance on the forklift. 10. Establish forklift files to record and archive important matters such as the time when the forklift enters the factory, the repair date and reason, and the maintenance date. 11. Establish daily driving and shift shift records of forklifts, make detailed records of the daily driving time period and work content, and focus on the handover of abnormal phenomena. 12. For the management of large forklifts, in principle, they will not leave the warehouse. However, due to the need for maintenance, the maintenance personnel need to write a contact form and indicate the reason. The equipment section chief signs and the warehouse section chief signs and confirms before leaving the warehouse. Or off the platform. 13. Large forklifts are not for external use. In some and special circumstances, approval from the department manager is required before they can be used. 14. When a large forklift is leaving the warehouse or off the platform, there must be more than two people to look after it. When going on or off the platform or encountering unsafe conditions, it must be prohibited to drive and report to the superior immediately. Do not drive at risk. The forklift driver Have the right to refuse dangerous operations. 15. When a large forklift works outside the warehouse, it must be directed by relevant personnel. 16. When a small forklift needs to get off the platform, it must be approved by the supervisor at or above the class leader level. 17. Make detailed records of all work items, including the name and quantity of materials, and do not do anything else that the monitor does not arrange. 18. When working, it is necessary to focus on safety. When encountering unsafe conditions, immediately stop the operation and report to the supervisor immediately, and do not risk operations. 19. When there is a large-scale job or need to work in the factory area, there must be a manager's approval letter, otherwise no external operation is allowed.
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