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Electric lifting platform-light and sensitive, stable efficiency

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-18
Electric lifting platform is a kind of multi-functional lifting and loading and unloading mechanical equipment, electric lifting platform lifting system, which is driven by hydraulic pressure. The mechanical structure of the scissor fork makes the lifting platform have high stability, wide operating channels and relatively high load-bearing capacity, making high-altitude operations more efficient and suitable for many people to work together. It makes high-altitude operations safer and more secure. First, when an enterprise purchases an electric lithium pallet truck platform, it must first summarize and consider the enterprise's application scale, frequency of operation, utilization, additional lifting capacity and other factors. Second, in view of the site used on site, such as the softness of the foundation, the severity of the weather, etc., for example, the electric lithium pallet truck platform used outdoors needs to be equipped with a windproof rope, because the outdoors is often blown by the wind. If the wind is very strong, use electric lifting The platform can form a strong shaking. The risk of use is easy, so it is necessary to use a wind rope to maintain the operator of the electric lifting platform; therefore, how to choose the most suitable site for use is necessary, and carefully test the results of the data. Third, in the final prompt, choose the lifting channel that is suitable for the operation level required by the unit, especially under special environmental applications, such as oil fields, gas stations, chemical plants, etc. At this time, you must choose explosion-proof electric lifting platforms. The electric lithium pallet truck platform adopts the explosion-proof electric control box and the external maintenance including the circuit has been rigorously tested many times to ensure full confidence. Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on aerial work plan planning and storage material handling plan design, providing modern aerial work and logistics handling overall solutions and professional technical support services for enterprises and customers;:
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