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Electric pallet truck technology makes handling more dexterous, not easy for female drivers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-23
'Who said women are inferior to men?' The Henan opera has been sung all over the country. With the development of the new era, more women in all walks of life are exuding brilliant light. There are more than 600 million women in China, who have played a role in promoting the development of social and economic progress, and the same is true in the industrial field. With the continuous improvement of China's industrial technology, China's manufacturing level has reached a new stage, and more new technologies and new products have been invested to improve efficiency and efficiency in both directions. Forklifts are an important tool for enterprise development. Because electric pallet trucks are widely used in stations, ports, airports, warehouses and various sectors of the national economy, they liberate a large amount of labor from heavy manual labor. Therefore, forklifts have become a modern enterprise. The necessary equipment. Up to now, according to statistics from the China Construction Machinery Industry Vehicle Branch Association, the annual production and sales volume of China's forklifts is expected to reach 480,000 units in 2017, a record high, and the number of forklifts in the Chinese market is also more than 2 million units. It is a big country in the world's lithium pallet truck market. Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has taken off. The rapid development pace has allowed Chinese companies not only to vigorously promote the upgrading of equipment, but also to adjust the industrial structure and the distribution of personnel. As an important handling tool for enterprises, forklifts have long relied on male employees for their use as special vehicles. In the Chinese market, which is dominated by internal combustion forklifts, it is mainly reflected in the heavy workload, poor working environment, and safety. Extensive work seems to be more suitable for male workers. In recent years, with the guidance of national policies and the upgrading and development of industrial technology, China's industrial vehicle industry is quietly undergoing changes. technology is moving towards a green and environmentally friendly foundation, through technical upgrades to make forklifts more intelligent, flexible, comfortable, and more diverse in applications. products driven by electricity have unique advantages in the application of new technologies such as environmental protection, intelligence, and so on. Compared with internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts account for only 30% of the Chinese market, and there is still a lot of room for development. With the continuous technological improvement of internal combustion forklifts and the increasing emergence of electric forklifts, the working environment, flexible operation and smarter operation of forklifts also provide operators with more comfortable driving conditions, and therefore allow more female workers to enter this profession. Among them. Through the industry's large and small forklift competitions, we have seen that female forklift drivers are everywhere. Their concentration and care make lithium pallet truck driving skills seem more advantageous, and a large number of outstanding heroines have become the best in this profession. Last year, Liu Caimei, who is known as the 'grandfather of forkliftsOnce again confirmed that the female driver also has superb driving skills. It is reported that on January 28, the lithium pallet truck ancestors will bring Liugong's C series to the CCTV-7 'Like You' program. New technologies have driven the development of the industry and at the same time changed the pattern of the industry. Guided by new energy and smart technology, forklifts are given a broader space for development. It also provides a source of power for social progress.
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