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Electric pallet trucks look at different categories from different angles. Are you optimistic about which one should you buy?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-24
Trucks are mainly divided into manual trucks, semi-electric trucks, and fully electric pallet trucks according to their driving. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the time-saving, labor-saving, and high-efficiency characteristics of electric pallet trucks have gradually become prominent, and they have occupied a leading position in the market. The following electric forklifts will introduce you to the main product categories and applications of all-electric pallet trucks Features: The rated load of the electric pallet truck ranges from 1.3-3.5T. According to its load, it can be divided into: large tonnage, economical, and mini. According to its operation mode, it can be divided into: walking, pedal, standing, Ride-on style. Among them, the economical and mini-type have a load of 1300-1500 tons, and the large-tonnage type has a load of 3-3.5 tons. Large-tonnage electric pallets are mostly large-scale indoor logistics bases, large-scale supermarket distribution centers, large-scale factories, etc., which have relatively high requirements for carrying capacity. In the workplace, it uses a uniquely designed AC drive motor to provide super power with a maximum speed of 14 kilometers per hour. It is a well-deserved 'freelander' in electric storage vehicles. In order to improve the comfort of operation and improve the efficiency and comfort of the staff At present, the current all-electric pallet trucks have gradually shifted from the standing-driving type to the pedaling, standing-driving, and sitting-driving types. They adopt DC drive and electronic control, which can easily adjust the speed and make the driving balance and comfortable. Quality batteries and multi-function display, as well as overload and short-circuit protection devices. The main features of electric pallet trucks are as follows: 1. Small body, light weight, can work in narrow passages, can enter elevators with full load, and can work on light-loaded floors. 2. The AC drive system enables the vehicle to respond more quickly, control more accurately, run more smoothly, work longer, and have a longer battery life. 3. Reliable hydraulic station, low noise, small vibration, good sealing performance, automatic adjustment of the descent speed of no-load and full-load to ensure stable and reliable lifting and lowering. 4. The moving parts are far away from the operator to avoid accidents, high-speed/slow-speed arbitrary switching operation, suitable for people with different driving levels, safe and reliable. 5. The design of the bent long handle conforms to ergonomics. The handle head button and the upper armrest button can realize multi-directional and full-view operation according to different operating habits.
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