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Electric Stacker-Battery Maintenance (1) In order to ensure the battery life, the battery should be fully charged before being put into use, and the under-charged battery cannot be used. (

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-15
2) Try to avoid overcharging and overdischarging the battery. Battery overcharge and overdischarge will seriously affect battery performance and life. (3) The battery liquid hole plug and air cover should be kept clean, removed or opened when charging, and should be installed or closed after charging. The battery surface, connecting wires and screws should be kept clean and dry. If there is sulfuric acid, wipe it off with cotton yarn dipped in lye. Take care not to let lye enter the battery. (4) After charging is completed, check the battery liquid level and add distilled water in time to maintain the liquid level. It is strictly forbidden to add dilute sulfuric acid under normal circumstances. (5) After the battery is used, it should be charged in time, and the storage time is generally not more than 24 hours. (6) Good ventilation should be maintained when charging, and fireworks are strictly prohibited. (7) In the following situations, the battery needs to be charged in equalization. a. The battery in normal use is charged once every 3 months. b. Shelve unused batteries for a long time. c. Exist in the battery pack, (a backward battery refers to a battery whose voltage value is lower than other batteries during charging and discharging or a battery that has been overhauled due to faults). At this time, equalizing charging is only performed on the backward battery alone. (8) Balanced charging method. a. Perform normal charging first. b. Stop charging for 1 hour when it is fully charged, and then charge with 0.25I5 for 1 hour. c. Repeat for several times according to item b until the charger is switched on and there are violent bubbles in the battery. (9) When the battery is not in use, it must be recharged once according to the normal charging method after the storage period expires one month. (10) The battery should avoid direct sunlight, and the distance from the heat source should not be less than 2M. (11) Avoid contact with any liquid and harmful substances, and any metal impurities must not fall into the battery. Electric lithium pallet truck-matters needing attention 1. Load goods in strict accordance with the load curve, and do not overload; 2. Before each use, please do a thorough operation check to check whether the battery is short of water. It is strictly forbidden to use the battery under the condition of lack of water. 3. During use, it is strictly forbidden to use the battery due to serious shortage of electricity. When the indicator of the electricity meter on the vehicle body shows a red light, it should be charged in time; 4. The forklift of the electric stacker is strictly forbidden to use single fork forklift; 5. Dust treatment inside the car body regularly to keep the car body clean.
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