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Electric stacker charging measurement record requirements

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-09
Electric stacker vehicle charging measurement record requirements: 1. The voltage of the battery, the density and temperature of the battery, the density and temperature of the battery before charging, and the battery voltage after the start of the battery stack charging. 2. During the charging process, the battery voltage interval is 4 hours. 3. In the balance charge, measure and record the voltage, electrolyte density and temperature of each battery for 2 hours. 4. Check and record the battery voltage, electrolyte density and temperature at the end of the battery stack charging, and adjust the electrolyte density and liquid level to meet the requirements. Four-way lithium pallet truck electric stacker balanced charging method: 1. Constant current charging: First, the battery will be charged normally. After charging is complete, it will remain static for 1 hour, and then charge normally. The current in the second stage will continue to charge until severe bubbles occur, and stop for 1 hour. So repeat it several times until the voltage and electrolyte density are stable, and after intermittent recharging, serious bubbles will be generated immediately. 2. Smart charging: start equalizing charging according to the instructions of the smart charger.
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