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Electric stackers determine production efficiency

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-09
When we are choosing the same things, it does not mean that what is suitable for others must be suitable for ourselves. Especially when buying an electric stacker, we have to comprehensively consider its various functions, combined with our own needs, and choose a real one that is suitable for our needs. Did you really choose the right one? This question determines the extra load you have when purchasing. From a professional point of view, if your general cargo weight is 1.5 tons, we do not recommend that you buy an electric stacker with an additional load of 1.5 tons. Because as an electrical appliance, even though our motors have overload protection, the motors work under extra power for a long time, which will definitely have a certain impact on its motor life. This is the ideal situation when the load of goods does not exceed 80% to 90%. Is your electric stacker used in the shelf area or in the production workshop? Are there shelves in the warehouse? What is the aisle of the production workshop? This question determines what the standard of the whole vehicle should be when you buy a car. If it is used in the shelf area, what is the aisle and the highest measuring height of the shelf? When the fork lifts to the highest, there are many kinds of goods? Are there similar constrained passages such as lofts and elevators during the operation? Does the working road have a certain slope? These elements touch the stopping height, lifting height, and material selection you are buying.
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