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Electric vehicles (storage electric forklifts) magnetic field will not threaten human health

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-06
Those who worry about the electric lithium pallet truck dangerous magnetic fields generated by electric vehicles can rest assured. According to the Environmental News Service, one of the most comprehensive studies to date on the electromagnetic safety of electric vehicles shows that the electromagnetic field strength of electric vehicles is far below the safe exposure level stipulated by the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.   This electric pallet truck electromagnetic safety research project funded by the European Union and involving scientists from seven countries believes that drivers and passengers in electric vehicles are as safe as people driving or riding in hydrogen, gasoline or diesel-powered cars. No electric vehicle will expose its occupants to electromagnetic fields higher than international safety standards. The researchers say that, in fact, these magnetic field strengths are far below the recommended values.   The Norwegian Institute of Technology and Industry, Scandinavia’s largest independent research institution, led and participated in this research. Kari Schjölberg-Henriksen, a physicist at the Institute, said: “The impact of exposure to magnetic fields has attracted public attention. This topic will often appear in the media. As the number of electric vehicles continues to increase, the significance of this project is very significant. '   The goal of this research project is to establish a standardized method to measure the electromagnetic field of electric vehicles and increase public confidence in the safety of electric vehicles' magnetic fields.   The acceptable safety limits for exposure to magnetic fields of different frequencies are established by the International Commission for the Protection of Non-Ionizing Radiation. The researchers used eight different electric vehicles, including pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, as well as two traditional gasoline vehicles and one diesel vehicle, to study these vehicles. To determine whether its strength is close to the recommended human exposure limit; and use a mannequin with sensors on the head, chest and feet to obtain standard, comparable measurement results.   The electric pallet truck used real cars to measure in both the laboratory and the road test. It was found that the highest value of the magnetic field of an electric vehicle appeared near the floor, around the battery itself, and when the vehicle started. In either case, the intensity of exposure to the magnetic field in an electric vehicle is less than 20% of the safety limit recommended by the International Commission for the Protection of Non-Ionizing Radiation. The measurement values u200bu200bobtained on the head are all below 2% of the limit value.   The magnetic field intensity measured in gasoline and diesel vehicles is about 10% of the limit value. This shows that there is not much difference between electric cars and gasoline and diesel cars.   Scientists believe that the magnetic field of electric vehicles is far below the limit value and is within a sufficiently safe range. 'Don't worry about it at all.' Skojolberg-Henriksen said, 'The difference between this study and similar studies before is that we have taken the factors that cause the magnetic field into consideration. , Even the rotation of the wheel itself will generate a considerable magnetic field.'
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