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Electronic differential system of electric self-propelled aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-02
Self-propelled aerial work platforms are required to be able to work in narrow spaces. Turning radius is an important function index. In order to complete a small turning radius, aerial work platforms can complete a 90° steering angle structurally. When turning, the four wheels of the aerial work truck make circular motions with a point on a straight line at the center of the two rear wheels as the center of the circle. The self-propelled aerial work platform adopts an independent drive mode. Under the condition that the given speed of each walking motor is the same, except for the motor with the largest turning radius, other motors are in a locked-rotor condition to varying degrees, especially when the four-wheel drive channel is at the steering angle. When it is 90°, the turning radius of the inner rear wheel is 0°, the motor is completely in a locked-rotor condition, and the current flowing through the motor is all used for heating, and then it is easy to cause damage to the motor. According to the practical test of the GTZZ electric crank arm aerial work platform, when walking straight, the operating current of the four motors is about 20 A, and the current difference of each motor is very small; when turning, the turning point of view changes from 0° to 90°. ° Change, the inner rear wheel motor current is added to 180A, the front motor current is not significantly increased, and the rear outer motor current is significantly increased. The self-propelled aerial work platforms currently on the market do not have an electronic differential system, but have performed motor overcurrent maintenance on the hardware or software, which simply prevents the motor from being burnt due to long-term overcurrent.   The maximum travel speed of self-propelled aerial work platforms is generally very low. Although there is no risk of sideslip when traveling at high speeds like electric steam channels, the electronic differential control of aerial work platforms still has a very important effect. The electronic differential control system can complete the optimal control of the motor according to the steering viewpoint and the response of the motor condition. This can not only effectively improve the walking function of the channel, especially the steering and climbing function, maintain the walking motor, but also save energy and make The aerial platform stacker can complete longer-term operations after a single charge.
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