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Equipment brief analysis of the characteristics and functions of electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-30

The so-called electric forklift refers to a dual-purpose electric pallet truck with loading and unloading functions and short-distance transportation of goods. It is mainly used in warehousing, logistics, handling and other occasions. For those occasions with fire and explosion-proof conditions, it is more suitable. If it is matched with pallets, containers, containers, etc., unitized transportation can be completed.

The characteristics of electric forklifts are firstly that the control is satisfactory, the control stability is high, the control is lighter, the noise is low during employment, and there is no pollution. Another reason is that its production structure is relatively compact, and the transportation objects are more compact. Very flexible, small spreading radius and other characteristics, these characteristics effectively reduce the collision and scratches between forklift parts, and reduce the stacking area, reduce the amount of transportation employment, and improve its transportation efficiency.

In view of the light and flexible control of electric forklifts during the use of control time, relatively speaking, the control staff using forklifts will reduce the intensity of control. The first step of electric forklifts is to have electrical signals. Control, which includes the electric steering system, speed-up control system, hydraulic control system and brake system. The benefit of this is that the work intensity of the control staff is greatly reduced, and it is extremely helpful to improve their employment effectiveness and employment accuracy. help. The advantages of low noise and no exhaust emissions of electric forklift vehicles are also an extremely big advantage, and it has been recognized by many users today.

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