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Essentials for daily safety inspection and maintenance of high-altitude lifting platforms!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-28
The high-altitude lifting platform is a kind of high-altitude operation equipment, including mobile, fixed, guide rail type, etc., although the varieties are different in use, but they also have common points, such as: axle pin connection method, hydraulic system, scissor structure, etc. In this way, with these common points, the protection and maintenance are much simpler. After years of use and protection experience, the safety inspection and protection have the following keys: 1. The safety inspection of the high-altitude lifting platform 1. Before each use, Check whether the circuit is completely connected, to avoid missing items, and to avoid burning the pump station motor. 2. Check whether there is any debris outside, or objects that prevent the operation of the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform. 3. The hydraulic oil should be filled up to avoid the high temperature of the hydraulic station due to lack of oil. 4. Check whether the transmission system is running smoothly. 5. Run once without load before use, and investigate whether the operation is stable. Second, the key to the protection of the high-altitude lifting platform 1. Replace the hydraulic oil. Generally, after half a year of use, fine particles will appear due to the conflict of the oil cylinders. In order not to scratch the cylinder wall of the oil cylinder, it is necessary to replace the new hydraulic oil. The labels of the hydraulic oil are different, and the appropriate hydraulic oil type needs to be selected according to the local temperature. 2. When replacing the chain, a very large wear condition is formed during the use of the chain. Generally, the chain shaft must be replaced after it is worn to 10% of the original diameter. 3. Replace the wire rope. The wire rope is the second protection of the high-altitude lifting platform, so the replacement of the wire rope is very important. It is recommended to check it frequently. 4. The regular replacement of electrical equipment is helpful for smooth operation. The aging of electrical equipment will affect the control system and simply cause paralysis. We hope that everyone strictly observes and protects in accordance with the above points, so that the high-altitude lifting platform will be a good helper for our production day.
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