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Explain the issues about electric forklift agents

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-27
The development of China's forklift industry is inseparable from agents: on the one hand, agents have a deeper understanding of the reputation and habits of customers in the region, and they have geographical advantages. On the other hand, the agent sales model can greatly reduce the sales cost of production enterprises. Imagine how difficult it would be for a manufacturing company with an annual output of 3,000 forklifts to set up a shop that sells 50 forklifts nationwide in terms of personnel costs, space rent, office costs, and various social relations maintenance costs. With the rapid development of the forklift industry, it is of practical significance to explore the current situation and development of agents. I have nearly ten years of working experience in forklift sales, and I have a good understanding of the distribution of electric pallet truck agents in the electric pallet truck industry, the scale of assets, the scale of personnel, technical conditions, equipment conditions, years of experience in the industry, forklift brands operated, and business content. Understand, through analysis, the following more common problems of forklift agents are worthy of our attention in the industry. 1. Forklift agents are small in scale and insufficient funds. Forklift agents usually have a registered capital of 500,000 to 1 million yuan. Of course, the registered capital is in compliance with China’s tax registration requirements and does not reflect the actual capital strength of the agents. The vast majority More or less of the agents of the company are occupying the capital of the production enterprise. Some agents may be occupied maliciously. This requires the forklift manufacturer to track and manage the agents in a timely manner. 2. Lack of brand loyalty and poor reputation. Due to the size of the company, a considerable number of dealers do not have general taxpayer qualifications. The boss himself may be a salesperson or a repairman, busy with business, lack of management, and too fancy. Benefits, lack of brand loyalty, or if this brand is changed this year or next year, defaulting on payment is a matter of course. This part of the agents will survive in this industry in the short term, and forklift manufacturers need to be careful when choosing agents. This is also the reason why powerful forklift manufacturers establish their own direct sales companies in more developed areas. 3. The nature of relatives’ business operations, not conducive to management, and poor development. The dealer’s birth backgrounds are mainly in several types: one is to engage in related work in forklift manufacturing enterprises during the transformation of the planned economy, and internal personnel are set up in the sea, and the other is migrant workers. From repairs to work and self-employed, the third is the transformation of contractors from the local Wujiaohua company and the mechanical equipment supply and marketing company. Most of the above agents are family enterprises. They cultivate personnel, manage logistics, and customer files. The maintenance of the market terminal is relatively poor. It is not conducive to the long-term healthy development of forklift manufacturers. 4. Service awareness, weak technical force, and poor terminal maintenance. Most agents are interested in the number of vehicles sold, but are not interested in customer service, especially the three-guarantee service of products. There are often complaints from customers to the factory, saying that they want to buy a forklift. Called on-demand, and no one can be found when asking for after-sales service. This is because many agents do not realize the value of service. In fact, the sales volume and service level of forklifts are complementary to each other. The experience of successful salespersons is: the first forklift is sold, the second, and the third. Taiwan sales must be sold by service. There are also reasons that the agent’s technical service personnel are seriously inadequate and the after-sales service personnel themselves are seriously inadequate. The general forklift machinery technology can also cope with the technical problems of electric forklifts. Most dealers are more than capable. In view of the above-mentioned agency issues, as well as the discussion on the development direction of industry agents, I will continue to express my views in the future. That’s it for electric forklifts today.
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