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Explanation of 6 professional terms about electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-07
1. Mast inclination: refers to the maximum angle at which the mast of an unloaded forklift can tilt forward or backward from its vertical position. The forward and backward tilt angles of the forward-moving forklift model are three fronts and five rear, three-point counterbalanced forklift front Tilt backwards at an angle of two forwards and four backwards. Unit °2, Rated load: The maximum weight that the load can bear when the center of gravity of the cargo on the fork is on the specified load center distance. 3. Load center distance: Refers to the specified distance from the center of gravity of the cargo to the front face of the vertical section of the fork. Generally, the fork length of a forklift is 1200mm, then the load center is 600mm. If a 1200mm fork is used to fork a cargo with a length of 3000mm, And the center of gravity of the goods is at 600mm, so this is very dangerous, and it is likely to fall! 4. Maximum lifting height: When the forklift is located on a level and solid ground, the mast is placed vertically and bears the rated lifting weight, the maximum height that the fork can lift --- the vertical distance from the upper plane of the fork to the ground. 5. Free lifting height: refers to the maximum height that the fork can leave the ground under the condition that the height of the mast remains unchanged. 6. The maximum climbing degree of full load: refers to the forklift with rated load cargo on the fork, which is moved at the lowest stable speed The slope value of the steepest slope whose length can be climbed is the specified value, the three-pivot counterbalanced forklift has a grade of 6/8, the forward-moving forklift has a grade of ≤10, and the forward-moving electric pallet truck (B type 24v) climbs Gradient ≤ 6, forward-moving electric stacker (A model 24v) 5-8, standing electric stacker climbing degree 6, walking electric stacker climbing degree 3-6, unit %;
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