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Illegal operation of electric forklifts, 31 types of forklift accidents, death by tricks (multiple pictures)

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-12
1. A worker used a sling to hang a tree stump from a fork, walked on a narrow sidewalk, and tried to turn right into the main road. The forklift tire slipped off the edge of the sidewalk when the driver turned right, and the forklift overturned. 2. A forklift driver tried to stand on the starting forklift to straighten the inclined goods on the pallet. The forklift driver accidentally stepped on the backward tilting handle, and the forklift tilted backwards, sandwiching the driver between the fork mast and the cab. 3. A worker drives a forklift, and a worker stands on a pallet to paint the indoor steel structure. The worker standing on the pallet lost his balance and fell off. 4. A worker used an electric pick-up truck to tally goods in a warehouse. He left his seat and tried to straighten the goods on the pallet by hand, and then fell off. 5. An experienced forklift driver sits on the forklift and instructs a novice to drive the forklift. The novice made a mistake and made the wrong direction, causing the old driver to be caught between the forklift and the pillar. 6. A worker stands on the carriage and directs the forklift to load the 12m-long H-beam. The H-beam suddenly slipped from the fork, pressing the commander on the car underneath. 7. The forklift driver used a fork to transport two tons of bags to the truck. When reversing backwards, he slammed the steering and the forklift rolled over. 8. When the driver reversed the forklift to the truck, a pad slipped and the forklift overturned. 9. The worker suddenly walked from the pedestrian passage to the motor vehicle lane. The forklift driver braked sharply and the coil slipped out, crushing the person. 10. When unloading, the driver leaves the forklift seat, and the forklift moves and clamps the loader.

11. A worker stood on multiple pallets and used a forklift as a ladder, which overturned. 12. After the forklift was loaded and left, due to the premature special project, the fork did not leave the goods and turned over. 13. A worker fell from the pallet while loading. 14. A worker stood painting on a forklift, the driver released the brake, and the worker was pinched. 15. When the forklift cargo is driven uphill backwards, it rolls over. 16. Standing on the fork as a counterweight, overturning and injury occurred. 17. When an employee placed a wooden board under the iron frame, the steel wire rope suddenly separated from a fork, crushing it. 18. When the vehicle is being repaired, the hopper falls and smashes it underneath. 19. When the forklift driver dumped the sludge, the sludge tank was raised too high, which caused the dumping. 20. When the forklift was turning and reversing in the warehouse, it hurt the person next to it. 21. The rainwater grate was crushed by a forklift, and the commander was injured by the fall of the pipe. 22. The rear wheel of the forklift hit the shoulder of the road, causing the forklift to overturn. 23. The forklift driver did not pull on the handbrake, and the forklift slid forward and choked the person to death. 24. Due to the uneven ground, the forklift driver overturned and killed him when he was transporting a large bag with a single fork. 25. Drag the forklift forward with a truck. When braking, the forklift made an emergency steering to prevent collision, and the driver was thrown out to death. 26. Falling from a forklift pallet to death. 27. Use a forklift as a ladder to replace the lamp. When it came down, the foot stepped on the ascending handle and clamped (broken) it to death. 28. Slide down from the top of the forklift, touch the mast backward tilt bar, and clamp it to death.

29. A worker suddenly walked down the steps and was overturned by a forklift carrying plywood behind. The plywood is overwhelming. 30. Novice driving electric pallet truck slipped off the platform accident. 31. The driver was crushed to death due to a forklift rollover accident caused by returning to the office to answer the phone and leaving the forklift seat without turning off the engine. The electric pallet truck reminds everyone to remember: safety first!

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