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In addition to mastering the driving skills, what additional knowledge does an electric forklift driver need to master?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-07
In addition to being familiar with the performance and structure of the forklift, the driver of an electric pallet truck should also master the basic knowledge of loading and unloading.   1. On a good road, the rated lifting capacity of a forklift is 2 tons. When operating under poor road conditions, the lifting capacity should be appropriately reduced and the driving speed should be reduced.   2. When loading goods, the size of the goods should be adjusted to adjust the distance of the forks. The weight of the goods should be divided evenly by the two forks to prevent the unbalanced load or the moving goods from slipping sideways. After the fork is inserted into the cargo pile, the fork wall should be in contact with one side of the cargo, then the mast should be tilted backward, and the fork should be raised about 200 mm from the ground before driving.  3. It is strictly forbidden to drive in a high-speed sharp dome, raise or lower goods, etc., and no one is allowed under the lifting frame.  Four. Carrying goods on a slope exceeding 7° should place the goods on the upper side of the slope. Do not apply sudden brakes when transporting cargo to prevent the cargo from slipping out. When moving large-volume goods, the goods block the line of sight, and the forklift should reverse and drive at low speed.   5. It is strictly forbidden to leave the engine idling and unattended after parking, and it is not allowed to lift the cargo in the air while the driver leaves the driving position.  6. u200bu200bWhen the forklift is parked in the middle, when the engine is idling, the mast should be tilted backward to retract it. When the engine is stopped, the carriage should be dropped and tilt forward to make the fork touch the ground.   Seven. In the course of work, if suspicious noise or abnormal phenomena are found, you must stop for inspection immediately, take timely measures to eliminate them, and do not continue to work before the fault is eliminated.   8. After working for a day, the fuel tank should be refueled. This will drive out the moisture in the fuel tank and prevent the water droplets formed by the brake gas from dissolving in the oil at night.   Nine. Without the consent of the company leader, no one is allowed to use a forklift. In order to improve the service life of the forklift and prevent accidents, in order to maintain the optimal operation of the forklift and the normal operation of various parts, the machine must be strictly maintained regularly during use.
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