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In addition to mechanical quality problems, the cause of aerial work platform accidents is also

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-01
Aerial work platform is a kind of high-altitude operation product, which is often used in high-altitude operations, equipment installation, maintenance, etc. in various industries. It is currently widely used aerial work platform equipment. The safety issue is directly related to the safety of high-altitude workers. At present, most domestic manufacturers of mobile aerial work platforms have simplified their product design in order to reduce costs and greatly reduced the safety factor of mobile elevators. 1. The safety hazards of high-altitude work platform machinery. Wear-resistant sleeves and wear-resistant sleeves play an extremely important role in the service life of high-altitude work platforms. The high-altitude work platforms that use wear-resistant sleeves are twice as long as straight arm bushings. Since the original high-altitude work platform’s wishbone bushing is made of seamless steel pipes, the bushings have poor wear resistance and short service life, which seriously affects the safety performance and service life of the lithium pallet truck platform and causes most bushings to fail. At present, the wear-resistant sleeves used by elevator manufacturers are on large-tonnage lifting platforms. The axle pin of the aerial work platform is mainly made by round steel workers. Without heat treatment, the hardness of the shaft pin cannot meet the requirements, and the wear resistance and strength are poor. The use of a mobile lifting platform without heat-treated shaft pins has a short shaft pin life. If the difference between the strength of the shaft pin and the design requirements increases, the shaft pin is easy to break, which seriously affects the safe operation of MOBI. LE elevator. Emergency stop device Emergency stop is a necessary safety protection device for mobile aerial work platforms. However, many illegal manufacturers have already saved emergency stop protection devices. Some manufacturers have emergency stop buttons but do not control the main power contactor. When the power contactor is When the main contact is stuck on the main contact of the motor, the emergency stop button can only control the power of the motor. When you live, the emergency stop button does not work at all, it cannot disconnect the power supply or control the aerial work platform. Platform deflection If the deflection of the lithium pallet truck platform is too large and the stability is poor, increasing and installing the accuracy of the components is an important factor affecting the stability and deflection of the lifting platform. If the processing accuracy and the installation accuracy of equipment components are low, and the components are connected, the stability of the lifting platform is easily reduced. The lifting platform is easy to turn over, and the personnel in crisis are safe. The above is about mechanical factors. In addition to the machinery itself, many accidents are caused by the operator's weak safety awareness. 2. The hidden dangers of operators’ security awareness. More and more people realize that operators are the protagonists of security, but from a larger and more complex system, it should also include the platform equipment itself and the operator’s employer. However, most of the safety training work is still focused on operators. The International Aerial Work Platform Association (IPAF) is one of several safety accidents in the world, including aerial work platforms. The director of IPAF stated that operator negligence or dereliction of duty is the main cause of safety incidents.
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