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Influence of uneven road surface on manual pallet truck

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-11-30

Every enterprise needs to carry out a large number of unloading and loading operations. The equipment used includes stacker trucks, pallet stacker, manual trucks, and small tanks. However, simple loading and unloading operations do not follow the operating procedures and avoid safety risks. , it will also endanger the safety of operators.

Accident case 1

From these two pictures, we can see that when the operator passed through the pothole, he did not do a good job of laying the ground. Under the hard pull of the stacker, the stacker dumped and pressed the operator to the bottom of the car;

Accident case 2

From this picture, we can see that in the process of pushing the manual truck, the operator did not do a good job of laying the groundwork for the downhill. The vehicle full of heavy objects suddenly went empty, and the person bounced from the front of the car to the ground far away.

Analysis of the cause of the accident

From the above examples, we can see that the root cause of the tragedy is the road surface problem. If the road surface is smooth, there will be no situation where the truck will fall over and people will be seriously injured. However, most of the ground will have large and small defects. When pushing a handling vehicle on an uneven road, observe the terrain in advance, set up a bedding on a low road, and slow down the driving speed when passing by.

In addition, whether it is the safety management personnel of the enterprise or the staff who carry out loading and unloading operations, they must earnestly study and strictly implement the standard for the correct use of manual trucks, which is not only responsible for the enterprise, but also for themselves.

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