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Inspection requirements for safety devices of high-altitude lifting platforms for construction

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-02
1. The cage should not slide down while staying, and when it rises again in the air, there should not be an instantaneous decline; 2. Each cage of the SC and type elevator should be equipped with a progressive safety device, and the braking interval should be 0.25-1.2m, instantaneous safety devices should not be used; 3. The hanging cage door should be lifted freely, and the interlocking function should be good. The hanging cage can only be started when the hanging cage door is completely closed; 4. The dual-purpose high-altitude lifting platform for people and goods And the cargo lithium pallet truck platform with an extra load of more than 400kg, the base should be equipped with a cage and a buffer device for the counterweight; 5. The rope break protection equipment should be intact, the response should be active, and the action should be firm; 6. Both SC and type lifts More than one pair of anti-falling safety hooks should be set; 7. Checking rules for limit switch settings: 1) The upper and lower limit switches of the active reset type should be set on the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform; 2) The device orientation of the upper limit switch should be increased when the speed is less than 0.8m/s, the device orientation of the upper limit switch should ensure that after the cage triggers the limit switch, the upper safety gap should not be less than 1.8m; when the increase speed is greater than 0.8m/s, the upper limit switch The orientation of the equipment should ensure that after the cage triggers the limit switch, the upper safety interval should be satisfied with the calculated value of the following formula: Lu003d1.8+0.1v2 (6.6.16) where: L——the upper safety interval (m); V— —Increase the speed (m/
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