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Inspection work before stacker operation

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-03-26

The pre-employment inspection work is of vital importance to the control safety of your electric forklift, and it is a task that cannot be ignored. There are several aspects for the pre-employment inspection work of the electric forklift.

1. Before checking your electric stacker, please do the following:

a. First park the electric stacker in a safe and predetermined place

b. Stop the engine, pull up the parking brake, and set all the joysticks in the neutral position.

c. Make the mast and the horizontal line vertical, put down the fork, and let the fork meet the ground.

2. Carry out the following aspects of inspection and employment:

Check along the electric forklift for signs of oil or water leakage.

Check whether the tire pressure is normal, whether the tread is cut, whether the steel ring is deformed, contused, and whether the screws are locked.

Check whether the rear support frame and the fork are deformed, cracked, and whether the positioning of the fork is normal. Check whether the tension of the mast chain is consistent. Check whether the lamp system is damaged and whether there are deformation cracks in the protective roof.

Open the hood and check the cooling water level. Check engine oil level. Check the fan belt for cracks and wear.

Check the battery electrolyte level. Check hydraulic oil level. Check the brake fluid level. Drop the hood, load up the car, and get in the seat. Adjust the seat to a suitable position. Adjust the tilt angle of the steering wheel to the ideal position. Check whether the speaker function is normal. Try stepping on the brake pedal to see if it is normal. Try stepping on the accelerator pedal to see if it is normal. Try stepping on the clutch pedal to see if it is normal. (Manual transmission model) Try stepping on the jog pedal to see if it is normal. (Automatic gear shifter models) Whether the handbrake lever can be operated normally.

Turn the key switch to ON to check whether the fuel level is sufficient. Check whether the security lights and appearance functions on the appearance board are normal. Check whether the turn signal joystick is functioning normally. Check whether the brake light works normally. Start the engine, let the engine warm up for 5 minutes, check for abnormal noise or abnormal rotation. Check whether the mast is lifted and lowered and tilted back and forth smoothly, and check whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic cylinder and oil pipe. Slowly move the electric stacker to a safe area. Check whether the clutch function (inch switch function) is normal. Check whether the brake braking force is sufficient. Check whether the steering wheel turns normally.

It can be seen from the above that dozens of inspection tasks are required, and it is a matter of parts. However, safety is the most important thing. Once an accident occurs on the stacker, its impact and damage will be great. In order to maximize safety and minimize danger.

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