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Instructions for hydraulic and manual gears in forklifts, as well as the height of loss of load and the annual review

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-28
Is there a difference between a hydraulic gear and a manual gear in a forklift? What does the loss-of-load height in a forklift specifically mean? In addition, what materials need to be submitted to relevant departments for the annual inspection of forklifts? These questions are all about forklifts, so below, electric pallet truck manufacturers will give the correct answers so that everyone has a correct understanding. 1. What is the difference between hydraulic gear and manual gear in a forklift? For this question, the specific answer given by the electric pallet truck manufacturer is: In the forklift, there is a clear difference between the hydraulic gear and the manual gear, because the former can also be regarded as a mechanical gear, and there are generally two gears. , Fast and slow. Moreover, it needs to use the clutch when shifting gears, while the hydraulic gear, which is a continuously variable automatic transmission, does not require manual gear shifting. Moreover, its acceleration can be achieved by simply stepping on the accelerator. . So, in summary, the difference between them is still very big. 2. What is the lost load height of the forklift? For the forklift's unloading height, in the view of the forklift manufacturer Wuxi HSBC Machinery, it means that the lifting weight of the forklift begins to decrease from a certain height, then this height is called the unloading height. For example, the rated load of a forklift is 3 tons. When the fork lift height is 3 meters, it can bear 3 tons of heavy objects, but if its lifting height rises to 5 meters, it can only bear 2 Tons of heavy objects. Then, its 5 meters is the lost load height of the forklift. 3. What information should be provided for the annual inspection of forklifts? For the annual review of forklifts, the materials that should be provided are mainly the 'Application Form for Obtaining Certificates for Special Equipment OperatorsThese are all very important. Therefore, electric pallet truck manufacturers remind users that none of them can be missed.
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