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Introduce the correct charging steps of the forklift battery of the electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-02

is a kind of handling machinery commonly used in warehouses, transfer centers, airports and other occasions. is a kind of stacker powered by electricity. Compared with traditional stacker, it is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and has superior safety. During the use of electric forklifts, special attention should be paid to the use of batteries to prevent damage to or failure of the forklift batteries and cause economic losses.

The following introduces the correct charging steps of the forklift battery of the electric forklift: hold the plug (do not pull the cable) to disconnect the battery and the cable of the fork shop. Open the battery box cover before charging to keep the battery well ventilated during the charging process to ensure that the combustible gas generated during the charging process is smoothly discharged. An exhaust fan should be installed in the indoor charging room.

Spot check the battery electrolyte density, the electrolyte density at the end of the discharge is not less than 1.130g/ml. If it is lower than the above indicators, the battery discharge depth exceeds 80%, that is, the over-discharge point. Excessive discharge will seriously affect the life of the battery. Operators should pay enough attention to detect the temperature of the forklift battery electrolyte. If the temperature is higher than 45 degrees Celsius, the battery should be cooled before subsequent charging operations.

Close the battery filling plug cover. Please keep the battery filling plug cover closed during charging. Connect the cable connection plug of the battery to the charger and make sure it is plugged in place. For batteries that have been equipped with an automatic filling system, ensure that the water pipes are well connected. Close the charging switch of the charger, and the charger will start charging. After charging, first turn off the power switch of the charger, and then disconnect the charger and battery cable connection plug.

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