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Introduction of common control valves for elevators

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-14
Fixed elevators often need to start, reverse and brake when working. To adapt to these working characteristics, a complete working system is required. At this time, various control valves are indispensable. Generally speaking, the hydraulic control components of a fixed electric pallet lift truck platform can be roughly divided into several categories:    The directional control valve of a fixed lift is used to solve the orientation, reversing and locking of the oil flow, including reversing valve, one-way Valves and hydraulic control check valves, etc. Its common feature is to change the direction of oil flow by changing the relative position of the valve core and the valve body.   The pressure control valve of the fixed elevator is used to solve the system's constant pressure, pressure limitation, and pressure stabilization after decompression, including overflow valves, pressure reducing valves, sequence valves, etc. Its common feature is to use the principle of balancing the oil pressure and the spring force for control. The flow control valve of the fixed elevator is used to solve the variable flow and constant flow of the system, and then make the working cylinder move at variable speed or constant speed, including ordinary throttle valve, speed control valve, overflow throttle valve, temperature compensation speed control valve, etc. Its common feature is to change the flow cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe valve to change the resistance generated when the oil flow passes, thereby adjusting the flow rate of the lift table valve, so that the actuator can obtain the required movement speed.   In order to simplify the system and realize the pipeless connection of the valve, two or more valve components are often installed in a valve body, which is a combination valve. In the development of integrated blocks, a two-way built-in valve has appeared in recent years, with simple structure and convenient maintenance.
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