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Introduction of three commonly used systems for electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-14
Sharing by electric pallet truck manufacturers: The introduction of several major systems used by electric forklifts is as follows: You know that to use forklifts correctly and proficiently and give full play to its work efficiency, electric forklift drivers must be proficient in understanding the structure of the forklift and the role of each main component. The electrical system, transmission system, steering system, control system, hydraulic system, working system and body system consist of 7 systems. 1. Electrical system: Including battery pack, electric motor, speed switch, switch, signal lamp, warning light and horn, etc. The battery pack is the power source of the forklift, which is responsible for supplying DC power to the forklift equipment, and the battery counterbalance forklift It adopts two-wire system and has two voltage levels of 48V and 80V. The electric motor converts the electric energy provided by the battery into the mechanical energy required for forklift work. The walking motor drives the forklift forward or backward through the transmission system. The working motor provides power for the working hydraulic system. Used to drive the lifting and tilting of the forks, the steering motor provides power to the steering hydraulic system, pushes the steering wheel to deflection, realizes steering, the speed control switch is referred to as electronic control, and mainly includes the switch, contactor, accelerator and multi-function display It is mainly used to adjust the speed of the forklift's walking motor to control the forklift's driving speed and realize stepless speed change. In addition, the steering motor has a delay ** function, that is, the steering motor can continue to work after the walking motor stops working. For a period of time, to ensure safety, the CPD15H-Z1 battery counterbalanced forklift is equipped with an Italian Sa brand SEM3 controller. 2. Transmission system: It is composed of a reducer with a differential device and a drive axle. The function of the reducer is to change the speed and torque from the walking motor, and transmit it to the drive axle, so that the forklift can obtain the required traction and driving speed. Ensure that the driving wheels used by the forklift when driving on uneven roads or when turning are rolled with different numbers of wheels. Because the battery forklift relies on the forward and reverse rotation of the motor to realize forward or reverse driving, the transmission system has a simple structure and is very convenient to use and maintain. . 3. Steering system: including steering wheel, steering column, universal joint, full hydraulic steering gear, steering oil pump, transverse oil cylinder (steering oil cylinder) and steering axle, etc. When the steering switch is toggled, the steering motor will drive the steering oil pump to start Work, by turning the steering wheel, the steering column and the universal joint drive the full hydraulic steering gear to control the direction of the pressure oil from the steering oil pump to push the piston rod of the transverse cylinder (steering cylinder) to move, change the deflection angle of the wheels, and achieve steering , Forklifts adopt full hydraulic steering, and it is difficult to steer when the steering motor stops. Therefore, the steering motor should be in working state when steering.
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