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Introduction to the load principle of aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-05
In the operation process, the complexity of the load is not only reflected in the diversity of the load, but also related to the different operating conditions. Load is the original basis for the force analysis of the aerial work platform and its components during normal operation, and it is also the basis for analyzing the causes of component failures or accidents. The accuracy of the load will directly affect the safety of the calculation results and the correctness of the accident conclusion. When the aerial platform stacker is in a stopped state or in a stable operation state, it only receives the static load effect of the dead weight load and the lifting load. (1) Self-weight load PG. It includes the metal structure of the platform, mechanical equipment and electrical equipment, as well as the gravity of the storage bin on the work platform or conveyor (except for the lifting load) and its data. The load effect method can be considered separately. Under normal circumstances, the loads of mechanical equipment and electrical equipment are regarded as aggregate loads. (2) Lifting load PQ. This refers to the gravity of everything that counts the mass. This includes the gravity of the largest useful item promised in the process of raising, reclaiming equipment, suspension flexible parts and other equipment in the lifting process. The gravity load of aerial work platforms includes two parts: dead weight load and lifting load. The dead weight load includes the gravity load of metal structures, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, etc. The load effect form and simplified mechanical model can be considered separately. Generally speaking, the mechanical equipment and electrical equipment of the aerial work platform can be regarded as the center of the orientation of the equipment under the collective load. The self-intensification of the truss is the collective load on the structural nodes, and the self-weight of the box structure is treated as the average load. The self-weight load is generally much larger than the weight of the work object. Lifting load refers to all the enhancement of the mass of gravity, including the largest useful item of gravity that allows to increase and extract equipment and other equipment during lifting. When the work platform is in a non-moving condition, that is, not operating, or in a stable and uniform motion condition, the dead weight and lifting load of the aerial work platform can be used as static load processing. Regarding the bridge type aerial work channel, when the material moves horizontally along the main beam of the truck, the component of the car and the lifting load constitute the moving load.
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