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Is it normal that the electric forklift makes a ticking sound when the voltage is low?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-27
Generally, when the voltage of an electric forklift is too low, the main contactor will not be closed or the main contactor will bounce immediately after being closed, and make a click, click, and click sound. Sometimes, there is a single cell battery failure in the battery pack of the electric forklift. Or it may be caused by the corrosion of the battery terminals, causing poor contact. According to the Chinese electric forklift trading website, general electric forklifts have an undervoltage protection function to prevent the battery of electric forklifts from over-discharging. The undervoltage protection function is when the electric forklift is deeply discharged by the protection function of the controller to issue an undervoltage alarm. The forklift should be supplied with supplementary electricity. When the deep discharge occurs, the protection function of the forklift will be activated. First, the lifting motor of the forklift will be restricted. At this time, the electric pallet truck will stop the lifting work, but the walking motor can still work normally, and the driver can open the forklift. Go to the charging room to recharge the forklift.
The relationship between the rated lifting capacity and the maximum lifting height of electric forklifts

Q: If the rated lifting capacity of an electric pallet truck is 3 tons and the maximum lifting height is 3.5 meters, can the forklift lift 3 tons of goods to a height of 3.5?

Answer: Actually it’s not possible. The lifting weight of an electric pallet truck decreases linearly with the lifting height of the electric forklift. Therefore, a forklift rated at 3T can be lifted to 3.5 meters. At that time, you may only be able to lift goods weighing about 2T.

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