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Is the battery of an electric forklift not durable? Is there any good way?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-23
In countless days and nights of cyclic work, countless times of charging and discharging the battery, the battery performance will inevitably decrease. Every time the electric forklift customer service little MM hears a customer complaining that the battery time is not enough, she always feels very worried. What is causing it, and how to maintain the electric forklift, and how to maintain the battery of the electric pallet truck? Next, the electric forklift will support you! Q: What is the reason for the short battery life? 1. Quality problems such as reducing the amount of lead and poor balance of each single cell in the battery pack; poor balance will lead to a sharp decline in the life of the entire battery pack. 2. Mismatched chargers cause overcharging and overdischarging, which is the main cause of battery polarization. The aromatization of the battery plates is the root cause of the shorter battery life. 3. Improper use and maintenance. For example, the 'second super' discharge stage is mainly due to the over-value of the discharge current, that is, the allowable discharge capacity is exceeded for a long time, which is called 'second super'. harmful. Q: The root cause of the reduced battery capacity: the polarization of the battery is the root cause of the shorter battery life. Polarization of the battery means that the active material used to store and convert energy in the battery becomes less, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity. Q: The reasons for polarizing are as follows: 1. The initial charge of the battery is insufficient or the initial charge is interrupted for a long time; 2. The battery is undercharged for a long time (undercharge); 3. Failed to charge in time after discharge; 4. Often overcharge Charging or low-current deep discharge; Generally, after 500 hours of operation of an electric forklift, a routine maintenance is required. The efficiency, life and safety of the forklift depend on daily maintenance. To ensure the quality, the electric forklift can operate more safely and economically. 1. Maintenance work list: (1) Keep the maintenance site clean and hygienic. (2) During maintenance, do not carry loose objects or valuables on your body. When servicing the electrical system of a forklift, if metal contacts the energized electronic components, it may cause a short circuit or burn. So, please take off your watch, earrings or other accessories. (3) Before repairing the electric pallet truck, unplug the power socket and disconnect the power supply. (4) Before opening the left and right box covers or the electrical system, turn off the key switch of the electric forklift. (5) Before checking the hydraulic system, the fork should be lowered to release the system pressure. (6) When checking the oil leakage of the car body, please wipe it with paper or cardboard, and do not touch it directly with your hands. To avoid burns. (7) Please note that the oil temperature in the transmission device or hydraulic system may be high. The electric forklift should be cooled first, and then the gear oil or hydraulic oil should be replaced to prevent high oil temperature from burning. (8) The hydraulic system should be filled with new clean oil. If the hydraulic oil is not clean, it will affect the precision hydraulic components and reduce the capacity of the entire hydraulic system. If different brands of hydraulic oil are used, it will damage the hydraulic components and affect the system capability. Therefore, when adding or replacing hydraulic oil, pay attention to the use of uniform grades. (9) Please abide by relevant laws and regulations, protect the environment, store and discharge oil in accordance with regulations, and do not discharge it into the sewer pipe. (10) When welding the car body, disconnect the battery power supply. Because the welding current may enter the battery during welding, to avoid this kind of situation, please cut off the battery. (11) When working under the electric forklift, the forklift should be supported by the bracket. Improper support may cause the forklift to tip over and injure people. If the forklift is not supported by lifting equipment or brackets, it is forbidden to work under the forklift. 2. Clean electric forklifts must be cleaned regularly every week, which is very important to ensure its reliability. Please pay attention to unplug the power socket before cleaning to avoid short-circuit causing damage to the electrical system. External cleaning (1) Remove the attachments on the wheels every day to maintain flexible rotation. (2) After the cleaning is completed, lubricate the parts of the forklift that need to be lubricated according to the lubrication parts table. 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