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Is there a limit on the speed of electric forklifts when moving goods? What is the speed limit?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-18
Are you afraid of overloading electric forklifts? I am even more afraid that the overloading of electric forklifts is different from other vehicles because they carry goods! It's dangerous! Like other motor vehicles, electric forklifts have various speed limits. It has to be said that there is a great risk of accidents in the use of electric forklifts. So the question is, do electric forklifts need speed limit? How is the speed limit of an electric forklift? What is the speed limit for electric forklifts? What is the speed limit of the electric forklift when moving goods? According to relevant regulations, the main road in the electric pallet truck factory is 20km/h, the branch road is 10km/h, the road for hazardous chemical warehouses and production workshops is 5km/h, and the indoor speed limit is 5km/h. It's just that knowing the speed limit of electric forklifts does not play a big role. After all, electric forklift drivers rarely follow this regulation during use. Then who will supervise and lead the electric forklift driver every day? impossible! Is the driver free to play? Is that still regulated? You may need an electric pallet truck at this time! Equipped with Yunzhi a car management system! Which forklift is working at a speeding speed, it will sound an alarm! , an intelligent management system developed for the supervision of electric forklifts in the factory. The forklift speed limit value can be set independently. When the speed of the electric forklift exceeds the limit value, an alarm will be triggered to remind the driver to pay attention to safety, and to warn people around to pay attention to safety. It can also increase the oil circuit control function to realize automatic oil control and deceleration, and for the management of electric forklifts, you can check who has used the electric forklift according to the driver's login function, and whether the electric pallet truck has been damaged during use, which is convenient for the safety management of the company's equipment .
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