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Is there any remedy for a broken battery shell of an electric forklift?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-03
A few days ago, a customer in the logistics industry complained to the electric pallet truck, saying that the battery shell of his electric forklift was broken, and he was afraid of danger. He came to find out what to do. In fact, during the use of electric forklift batteries, more or less improper use caused the shell to rupture. There are natural aging factors as well as man-made factors. If it is because the casing is broken, the cost is too high to replace the battery. manufacturers teach you some simple remedies: mainly adopt plastic welding method, the specific operation steps are as follows: 1. First find out the approximate area of u200bu200bthe crack. 2. Tighten the liquid filling cap, scrub the surface with a brush dipped in water, dry the water with a temperature-adjustable plastic welding gun (referred to as: welding gun), and seal the vent holes with transparent tape or label paper. It is better to prepare another set of filling caps, and seal the vent holes with plastic rods heated by the welding gun, so that it is more convenient to use during maintenance. 3. Put the side of the cracked area up, use a brush dipped in water to clean the area around the cracked area, and then use a welding torch to dry the water. 4. Select the gear position of the welding gun, heat the plastic rod to melt it and apply it evenly around the rupture, press the prepared patch (the shell of the scrap battery or the shell of the recorder, the material is not limited) on the rupture, and Continue heating for one or two minutes, stop heating and cool down after it is fully bonded. 5. Unscrew the filling cap, remove the transparent tape on the filling cap to check the height of the liquid level, if there is leakage or lack of liquid, add electrolyte. After the repair, if it is not used in an emergency, it should be supplemented with charging and density adjustment; if it is used in an emergency, it can be directly installed in the car. Finally, if the battery cell shell of the forklift cannot be repaired, only replace the cell and weld it in order. If the battery shell of your electric forklift is broken, you might as well try the above method, which is very cost-effective!
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