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It’s best not to overload the electric forklift during use, the hazard analysis is for you

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-28
Electric forklifts have occupied a large market share in today's prosperous transportation industry such as logistics and freight because of their simple operation and low environmental pollution. But sometimes the volume of logistics operations is large, and customers will think about making forklifts more forklifts. Due to the impact of greed and greed, customers involuntarily let electric forklifts perform overloaded illegal operations, and many times they luckily think that there is no such thing. Question, so let it go! But such overload work is very harmful to electric forklifts! The electric pallet truck manufacturer tells you: 1. When the electric pallet truck is overloaded, because the weight of the goods exceeds the safety standard, there is an unstable state that is difficult to control, which may cause the goods to fall and damage. 2. Personal safety is affected, because under overload conditions, whether the forklift is damaged or the cargo is broken, it will cause unsafe factors to the surrounding personnel. 3. The structure of the forklift is damaged. In the overweight state, the frame will be deformed and severely broken. If it goes on for a long time, it will cause structural failure. 4. Affect handling. The rotation and braking performance of an overweight forklift will be affected to varying degrees, possibly due to uneven force, drifting when turning, or even overturning, and braking becomes difficult to control. 5. The tire is easy to burst. When the load is too large, the tire deformation will increase, and it is easy to burst from the thin sidewall, which affects safety.
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