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Maintenance and maintenance measures of aerial work platform lift in early winter

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-30
In the north of my country, the temperature plummeted after entering the winter, and in the northeast and Inner Mongolia, it reached more than minus 30 degrees. Under such a harsh environment, it is undoubtedly a test for the normal operation of the hydraulic electric lithium pallet truck platform. There are many hydraulic and electric lifting platforms that cannot operate normally after the winter in the above-mentioned areas. The basic reasons are the following aspects.  The first reason is also the primary reason, because many operators in other occupations do not know that hydraulic oil is also used in different types of requirements in summer and winter. Often at low temperatures, the use of hydraulic oil in summer will present a series of problems, and it is more likely to be frozen or frozen. After entering the winter, you must remember to use hydraulic oil containing antifreeze in winter, which is suitable for low-temperature operation. The second is that steel has significant thermal expansion and contraction properties at low temperatures. Although general special equipment design will take this property into account, but after all, the environment is different, and under extremely low temperature conditions , The steel will show some unstable manifestations, such as increased hardness, decreased toughness, etc. At this time, it is necessary to pay more attention to the protection of equipment, and maintain smoothness in key parts to avoid dry grinding.  When the hydraulic electric lithium pallet truck platform presents abnormal working hydraulic pressure, some points can be taken to test:   1. Whether the hydraulic oil type is accurate. Xia Xia No. 68 hydraulic oil is not suitable for low temperature operation due to its high viscosity. If summer oil is used in a low temperature environment in winter, the direct problem is the lack of operating pressure, which causes the lifting equipment to be unable to rise to the normal height, which will damage the equipment for a long time. . At this time, please replace the No. 46 hydraulic oil in winter, and the cylinder needs to be emptied at the time of replacement.  2. Whether the hydraulic oil has been used for a long time and has not been replaced. After the wear-resistant hydraulic oil passes for a period of time, the wear resistance will decrease, which will also cause the lack of working pressure. Please replace with new hydraulic oil.  3. Check if the oil cylinder is leaking and the contact between the support arms is lubricated, check the sealing of the entire equipment, and repair it in time to solve the problem when there is a sealing problem.
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