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Maintenance knowledge of aerial work platform engine

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-13
After long-term operation of the aerial work platform, as the acidic substances, colloids, and iron filings in the oil gradually increase, the color of the oil will gradually darken and the viscosity will gradually decrease. When the regular oil change period is reached, new oil must be replaced . If the oil is not replaced for a long time, these deposits may block the oil passages, cause dry grinding of the engine, and seriously affect the service life of the engine.   In addition to the replacement items, there are many inspection items in the maintenance items, and the process flow is also quite detailed and messy. First of all, it is necessary to ensure the smoothness of the various systems of the aerial work platform and the absence of oil leakage. The inspection of various liquid levels is indispensable: oil level, antifreeze liquid level, brake oil liquid level, power steering liquid level, gear oil Liquid surface, electrolyte liquid surface, glass cleaning liquid surface, etc. If there is an increase in demand, it should be supplemented in time, and leakage should be found, and minor diseases should be detected and dealt with early to minimize the harm to vehicles. Secondly, the brake and power system, which are closely related to the life of the driver, are also the focus of maintenance.  The content includes: the wear of brake conflict parts, hand brake clearance cooperation, tire wear and air pressure detection, clutch clearance adjustment and other items. The maintenance items of the aerial platform stacker include replacement of oil, machine filter, diesel filter, oil-water separator, air filter, etc., timely replacement of the above components, maintenance and restoration of the technical function of the aerial work platform, to ensure that it has outstanding usability and reliability, Extending service life is of great significance.
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