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Maintenance method of main parts of electric forklift gear pump

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-07

1. Electric lithium pallet truck gear: the outer circle of the gear is worn and glued, which increases the radial clearance. The lighter has no obvious impact on the use, and it can be repaired; the heavy one should be changed.

2. The end faces of the gears are worn on both sides, and the lighter one can start the line. Grinding can be used to grind and lose the old burrs; when the wear is heavy, it can be smoothed on a grinder. But only one gear end face is worn, and the other gear needs to be ground at the same time. Ensure that the thickness difference between the two gears is within 0.005. When grinding, you should also pay attention to the accuracy of the end face and the hole, the end face and the end face. After grinding, use oilstone to grind the sharp edge burr, but it is not suitable for chamfering.

3. Oil pump gears work for a single purpose, so the tooth surfaces are worn on one side. The gears with worn tooth surfaces can be used to remove burrs with oilstone, and the gear meshing position can be exchanged to restore the working function of the oil pump.

4. Electric forklift gear bearing frame: When the end face is worn or the wire is pulled, the four bearings can be framed on a surface grinder, and the end face is ground at a time based on the non-gear contact surface.

5. The inner hole is generally worn less. If the wear is heavy, you can use grinding or grinding the hole diameter to the repair size, and optional roller needles.

6. Equipped with side plates or axial When the floating bushing is worn, scratched, and groove marks, the damaged surface can be polished. The method is to put no400-600 abrasive paste on the smooth surface, and add washing oil or wax to slightly roll on the surface of the side plate. Start polishing.

7. Electric forklift gear pump body: Pump body wear usually occurs in the oil suction cavity. Some oil pumps can be repaired by transposition method from the structure, and the pump body can be rotated 180° around its own axis to make it suck oil. The cavity is turned into a pressure oil cavity to restore its working ability.

8. The oil pump body that cannot be repaired by the replacement method can be repaired by the copper sleeve method.

9. When the gear is caused After the end face is worn and the grinding starts, in order to give up the axial clearance, the rear face of the pump body needs to be ground to the proper thickness.

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