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Maintenance of aerial operating vehicle system

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-03
The maintenance of aerial platform stacker system, you really need to know: First, the full protection of the aerial platform stacker lubrication system not only helps increase the lubrication, high temperature viscosity, anti-oxidation and anti-extreme pressure protection capabilities of the lubricating oil, but also greatly reduces the engine's performance Cold start wear. We know that 65% of engine wear is caused by the instantaneous cold start. The good oil additive composition increases the adhesion function of the oil and forms a layer of protective oil film. It can also increase the low temperature activity of the oil, so The engine oil reaches the required lubrication part within the instant of starting time, so that the wear of the engine is reduced to the lowest limit. Secondly, keep the interior of the high-altitude work platform engine clean. The sludge, gum and other carbon deposits in the crankcase will increase the viscosity of the oil, increase cold start wear, and even block the oil passages severely. The oil extender can resist oxidation and can delay The growth period of coke deposits such as sludge keeps the engine clean and enhances the lubrication function of the oil.    Ultimately, the full protection of the lubrication system of the aerial platform stacker will help advance the service quality of the repair shop and the special maintenance station, and increase the company’s business projects. Constantly stabilize and expand the car source.
Nowadays, the adoption of pallet stacker truck in portable pallet jack industry is quite common.
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