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Maintenance of air supply device and intake and exhaust device of electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-04
1. Cleaning the air filter of electric stacker. Dry, paper filter air filter. When removing dust and dirt, take out the filter element and pat the end face on the flat plate, and then use compressed air to blow from the inside to the outside to remove the dust on the filter element. dust. If it is found that the filter element is clogged due to long use, the appearance is damaged, or the lithium pallet truck travels beyond 20000km, it is necessary to replace the filter element. When installing an air filter, the rubber pads and aprons of each joint must ensure excellent sealing performance. 2. Repair of intake and exhaust devices of electric stacker 1) Removal of carbon deposits in intake and exhaust pipes and mufflers. Use a wire brush or a blunt file to remove the carbon deposits in the intake and exhaust pipes and mufflers. You can also put the intake and exhaust pipes into 1L water, 25g sodium hydroxide, 35g sodium carbonate, 1.5g water glass, 25g liquid Soak 2-3h in the chemical solution prepared by Panjian, and the temperature of the solution should be 90-95℃. Soaking can soften the carbon deposits, then remove them, then flush them with water, and then clean them with compressed air. When removing the carbon deposits in the muffler, use a wooden hammer to quietly strike the shell to cause the carbon deposits to fall off due to vibration. If there is too much carbon deposits, you can disassemble one end and use a long-handled wire brush to remove it and clean it before welding and repairing. 2) Maintenance of intake and exhaust pipes. If there are cracks or gaps in the intake and exhaust pipes, they should be surfacing and corrected. The warpage of the installation plane shall be measured over the entire length. The six-cylinder engine shall not exceed 0.5mm and the four-cylinder engine shall not exceed 0.2mm, otherwise it should be polished or calibrated.
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