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Manual trucks are active deep in the alleys of the city

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-09

Whether you live in a noisy city or in a quiet and long village, you will be left with a deep impression on the small streets you see or often go through. The streets are long or short, flat or flat. Rugged, noisy or deserted, but they all carry beautiful childhood memories.

In Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital, there are still many small streets and alleys, such as Xiumen Old Village near the SASAC on Yuhua Road, Penghou Old Village at the intersection of Shengli Street and Dongfeng Road, etc. In the alley, we found that in some places people have gone to the house, waiting for the fate of demolition, and some still have the familiar smell of fireworks, which vividly interprets the taste of life, and the city a few hundred meters away is like two worlds. , making you wonder where you are.

Different from the wide and tidy streets of modern cities and the constant flow of traffic, the streets of these old alleys are long and narrow, seemingly unremarkable, but there will be new moss, muddy dirt roads, small cars, large trucks in a certain area. Such large vehicles cannot enter smoothly, electric vehicles and bicycles carry less weight, which delays the transportation of goods. People living in the alleys have purchased manual trucks produced by manufacturing factories to carry living materials or stall materials. Not only can it handle more materials, but it can also speed up the handling, avoid the trouble of multiple round trips, and greatly save time.

Although the alleys and dilapidated houses in the city cannot escape the fate of demolition in the end, they can temporarily provide a stable residence for people living in low-rise buildings, so that they can avoid the suffering of ups and downs.

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