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Mast type aerial work platform operation tutorial

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-27
1. It is necessary to pass formal training and obtain an operating certificate approved by the relevant part before operating the aerial platform stacker; 2. It is necessary for the aerial work platform to be guided by a special vehicle or a dedicated person at a designated feasible place, otherwise it is prohibited to travel. 3. The use of aerial work platforms must be approved by employees at or above the supervisor level. 4. It is necessary to add safety warning fences or signs not less than 1.2 times the working radius in the work area to prevent objects from falling from high altitude. 5. This machine is not insulated, and does not provide electric shock maintenance when touching or approaching wires. When using high-altitude working platforms, pay attention to the danger of electric shock, and do not use the machine as a ground wire during welding. 6. If the machine touches a live wire, please stay away from the machine. 7. When the channel is caught, or other objects in the attachment prevent it from moving normally, do not use the channel controller to release the channel. If you plan to use the ground controller to release the channel, you need to operate after all personnel leave the channel. 8. When working in windy conditions, you must use a handheld anemometer to measure wind speed. Do not raise the boom when the wind speed exceeds 12.5m/s; if the wind speed exceeds 12.5m/s after the boom is raised, lower the boom and do not continue to operate the machine. 9. Do not operate the machine in strong winds or gusts. Do not add channel or load surface area tables. 10. In the stowed state, when the machine is traveling on uneven terrain, with gravel, unstable or lubricated surfaces, approaching openings, steep slopes, etc., be extremely careful and lower the speed. 11. Do not modify or disable the limit switch; do not push or pull any objects outside the channel. 12. Do not accumulate debris on the work channel; wear a safety helmet and safety belts and corresponding labor protection equipment during operation; it is prohibited to sit, lie, stand, climb, or play on the work channel. 13. When starting or operating the machine, pay attention to the size of the field of vision and the existence of blind spots; 14. When the car body is running for a period of time, do not touch the surface of the machine with the joints of all parts of the body, and wait for the machine to cool down for inspection and repair.
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