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Method for reducing failure of chain-type high-altitude lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-17
The chain-type high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform will also cause certain problems in the use process because of the long use time, equipment wear, looseness and other problems. Assuming that we are in the use process, frequent maintenance and maintenance can reduce the fault rate and improve The service life of the equipment. The following editor will introduce to us how to deal with the descent of the chain-type high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform.   1. Pay attention to the oil pipe and the sealing ring. The two problems will cause oil leakage, and the drop in the oil level will cause the equipment to fail to reach the rated height.  2. Frequently check whether the chain is loose or cracked. If the chain is found to be abnormal, replace it in a hurry, and then pay attention to the wire rope. Although the wire rope is for maintenance, it must be tightened in time if it is found to be loose or derail.  3. The conflicting position of the equipment can be maintained and maintained, and the switch appliances should be checked on time. The chain elevator must be maintained and maintained in time when it is in use. After the equipment is in the equipment, the operating personnel must be trained and maintained.
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