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Misunderstandings in the daily cleaning of electric forklift trucks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-08
In the daily cleaning of electric pallet truck trucks, there are often some misunderstandings. Some fault cleaning methods may cause the lithium pallet truck to malfunction or even be scrapped. 1. Can the stack battery be washed with water? The battery of the electric stacker can be washed with water, but the water cannot enter the battery cell. It is best to hang it up to prevent part of the forklift from entering the water. 2. Can the electric truck be washed with water if it is dirty? The electric stacker is mainly composed of battery and electric control. It cannot be washed with water, and it can also be rubbed. Direct flushing will cause damage to the vehicle and use of the vehicle. 3. How to clean the electric stacker correctly? a. Daily cleaning is important to ensure weekly reliability. Before cleaning, please remove the power socket to prevent short-circuit damage to the electrical system. b. Every day, we must remove the attachments on the wheels to maintain sensitive rolling. c. Use compressed air to clean the motor dust, which cannot be cleaned by high-pressure equipment. In order to maintain the orientation of the electrical components, prevent short circuits. d. After cleaning, the smooth oil should be added to the smooth part of the forklift of the smooth part.
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