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On-site diagnosis of the fault judgment of the hydraulic transmission system of the warehouse electric pallet truck

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-07-01

Before we understand the fault diagnosis of the hydraulic transmission system of the warehouse electric pallet truck, we need to understand some conventional methods that are used in most of the hydraulic system fault diagnosis, including the empirical method, the test method, the computer method and the replacement method. These four methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. As for which method to use, we still need to analyze specific problems.

Let's talk about the empirical method first. This method can only be done when the staff has a certain amount of work experience. With years of practical experience, they can judge the fault of the hydraulic transmission system of the warehouse electric pallet truck. But if it is only based on the judgment of experience, it is easy to lead to blind operation.

Let's talk about experimentation. This method is to test the faulty system with a fault detector to determine the cause of the fault. This is very similar to the computer method, which is to use expert system software to diagnose and analyze the hydraulic system of the warehouse electric pallet truck, but this method is expensive and very complicated to operate. Looking at the replacement method, this method uses the replacement of components or analogy to determine the fault location, but this method has blindness.

Therefore, the four methods mentioned above are not very suitable, but we can combine the above methods organically, such as the combination of empirical method and replacement method. The steps are as follows:

First understand the failure phenomenon, know how the warehouse electric pallet truck fails, or check whether the equipment has adjusted the relevant components, and observe the failure phenomenon; then analyze the working principle of the structure to understand the various components The structure and working principle characteristics are analyzed item by item according to the performance of the fault. Generally, we observe whether the oil level is normal, whether the oil quality and the vibration amplitude of the system are abnormal, etc. Then there is the size of the sound produced by the system, touch the hydraulic components such as pumps, valves and pipelines with your hands, and smell whether the hydraulic oil emits a deteriorated smell.

In general, the above process can be used to effectively judge the hydraulic system failure of the warehouse electric pallet truck. Well, the above is the relevant content of the on-site diagnosis of the fault judgment of the hydraulic transmission system of the warehouse electric pallet truck. You are welcome to continue to pay attention to us, and we will send more valuable information.

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