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Operation and precautions of electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-14
Non-electrical professionals are not allowed to disassemble and install electrical appliances at will to prevent electric shock or misconnection. When the demand enters the mission channel of the lifting channel for inspection, it is necessary to suspend the mission channel of the landing platform. In case the electric lithium pallet truck platform drops suddenly, causing casualties; non-professionals are not allowed to adjust the overflow valve arbitrarily. When each component in the hydraulic system is under the pressure of the law, after adjusting the overflow valve arbitrarily, it can be It may constitute an abnormal operation of the hydraulic system. When determining the safety factor n of the metal layout, the planning stress must be that when the landing platform is placed on a horizontal surface, the mission platform will bear the maximum load on average, and the maximum load that occurs in the component when it is used stress. Before unloading any part of the hydraulic system, it is necessary to relieve the pressure first to prevent the pressure oil from spraying out and the mission table suddenly slide down; add some lubricating oil between the corresponding moving parts to extend the life of the bearing; review the oil quality and oil of the hydraulic oil Bit.
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