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Operation method of electric forklift brake fluid

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-25

  Brake fluid is what we commonly call brake fluid. How should the brake fluid of an electric forklift be manipulated when it increases? Let’s briefly understand the above.

   brake fluid Operation method:

  1, the brake fluid of electric forklift has certain toxicity, and it cannot be introduced by the mouth when introducing it.

  2, the brake fluid of electric forklift is for its vehicle The exterior coating has the effect of destruction and paint biting. Therefore, when replacing and filling, we must be careful to avoid dripping brake fluid on the coating of the car body.

  3, change Before the brake fluid of an electric pallet truck, the oil and soil in the fluid filling port, bleed screw, etc. of the brake system should be cleaned to avoid the entry of impurities.

  4. Use. After being mixed, there will be turbidity or deposition, which will greatly increase the function of the original brake fluid, and the deposited particles will obstruct the pipeline and form a major result of brake failure.

   The above is for electric forklift braking. When the fluid is first introduced, it is necessary to stabilize the difficulties, and the operators must stabilize these difficulties when introducing the brake fluid, so as to ensure the safety and results of the introduction.

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