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Operation precautions during the running-in period of electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-19
Operation precautions during the running-in period of electric forklifts:   1. In the early stage of running-in, the new electric pallet truck should not carry too heavy cargo and is strictly prohibited from overloading;

  2, preheat the forklift before operation, regardless of the season This should all be done.

   3. Before each driving, check the forklift parts: such as engine, gearbox, front axle, water tank, etc., carefully check the leakage of oil and water, carefully and thoroughly Pre-inspection and maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with regulations.   4. Avoid emergency braking, emergency steering, and start slowly.   5. The oil change and lubrication time for the forklift should be earlier than the specified time.   6. Do not run the engine of the electric pallet truck at high speed without external load.   The above are the precautions for the operation of the electric pallet truck during the running-in period. Doing the above points can effectively increase the service life of the forklift.
maintenance   It is necessary to consider whether the forklift is convenient for maintenance. All parts should be easy to replace, and fault diagnosis and troubleshooting should be quick. The control systems of high-quality forklifts have been modularized, which can be directly connected to a laptop computer, using diagnostic programs to quickly find faults or modify parameter settings (such as driving speed).   Before purchasing a forklift, an enterprise should not only understand the price and tonnage of the forklift, but also make a purchase decision after considering the specific working conditions and development plan of the company, and comprehensively considering the strength, reputation, service guarantee and other factors of the forklift manufacturer. In addition to providing reliable after-sales service, a competent forklift supplier should have professional knowledge and be able to help customers complete the work of the model and configuration selection phase.   CPCD should be the model code of the first generation of forklift trucks, just like FD/FG now. The first C should be a domestic code, and the latter should indicate that it is an internal combustion engine or a battery. CPCD is a general forklift. C: Forklift; P: Counterweight; C: Diesel engine; D: Tonnage. There is also the code name of the side fork CCCD, etc., and some special forklifts have their own code names.   key parameters are:   1. Load;   2. Engine brand model;   3. Electronic control brand model;   4. Several-level door frame;   5. Side shifter;   6. Solid tire, pneumatic tire.   Currently the world’s largest brand, Linde Germany is the largest. Heli is the strongest among Chinese brands.   
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